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BELLAIRE — Bellaire Mayor Edward Marling recently announced a potential lease agreement between the village and Navarro Trucking for a property that would be used as a transfer station for the company.

Marling opened the Bellaire village council meeting on Thursday with an announcement regarding the company’s interest in renting village property.

He said he was recently contacted by the Bristol, Connecticut-based company after its representatives drove through the area and saw the old St. John football field.

“We met the owner and another comrade. They were going down south on (Ohio) 7 and they looked and saw the sign that was on the building,” he said, adding that they contacted him and met so he could show them the land.

Marling said he told the business owner that the village wanted $4,000 a month for the nearly 4.5-acre lot. He said the company plans to use the property for the next five years as a transfer station.

Attorney Michael Shaheen said he spoke to the company’s co-owners, Diego Navarro and Diego Adaro. He said he had contract terms he needed to discuss with the board in an executive session.

“For lack of a better term, I believe it’s real and they really want to do it. They are interested in getting involved in your village,” he told council members. “There are just a few details we need to discuss and some potential contractual issues that I think should be discussed in the executive session, if that’s okay with you.”

Marling said he was told the company planned to use the property for about 100 drivers entering and exiting the area, as well as eight to 10 permanent positions, including mechanics, dispatchers and security guards. Additionally, he said they were looking for more properties they could buy in order to provide housing for truckers. He said the owners of the business had expressed an interest in the old school in West Bellaire.

“They would like to convert it and make it into little apartments so that truckers can spend the night, instead of having to sleep in their truck, (they) can go there and stay there,” he said.

Marling said he believed the eventual contract with the company would benefit the village. He said local restaurants would most likely get more customers with the truck drivers.

“We are looking for a ripple effect. … When they came to talk to me, I thought it was a great idea,” he said.

Shaheen is working on drafting the contract. Marling said once it’s completed, the board will review it and vote on it before moving forward.

Shaheen then called for an executive session to discuss litigation, contract documents and personnel. Once the members exited the closed session, no further action was taken.

Council will next meet at 6:00 p.m. on July 21 at the Municipal Building, located at 3197 Belmont Street.

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